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The PWOA was formed by pressure washing industry professionals to educate contractors & provide discounts to members who join the Organization from our pressure washing partners & affiliates.


PWOA is here to improve education and help contractors save money and time in the pressure washing industry. Do you want to have a voice in the pressure washing industry?  Your voice should be heard and the PWOA is listening!
Become a member today to voice your opinion and help pressure washers like you across America learn more about their art of pressure washing. Our members receive the highest quality of education and understanding in the industry. Plus all members receive discounts on supplies, equipment, and training courses through our dedicated pressure washing partners and affiliates!


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Every pressure washing contractor in America deserves his or hers voice heard. We formed Pressure Washers Of America for that exact purpose.

We believe pressure washers across the United States of America should unite together for one common purpose of keeping the world clean and keeping contractors educated and aware of everything effecting the industry.
Members enjoy discounts on industry related products, supplies & equipment!
Checkout some of the great membership benefits:

  • Discounts on Supplies – We are a proud partner with

  • Discounts on Payroll – We are a proud partner with PayChex

  • Discounts on Equipment – Receive discounts on all equipment on

  • Discounts on Marketing Materials – We are proud partners with Printing Companies

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It is our mission at Pressure Washers Of America to give every pressure washer in the industry a voice to be heard and make a difference. We strive on industry eduction and empowering contractors all across the USA.
We believe that all pressure washers in America should have the opportunity to strive at their business! A Pressure Washers Of America membership guarantees the highest level of understanding and commitment to the industry.

We are committed to help all contractors that become Members achieve success by way of proper education and understanding. As well as discounts and benefits that help them save money and conduct business at higher profit margins.

We promise to go above and beyond for our Members! We are more than a Facebook Forum or an online forum. We save contractors money on supplies and equipment. If you are considering a power washing organization look no further than the PWOA.
PWOA puts contractors first! We believe in empowering our members! If you have any questions or need anything PWOA contractors can be your pressure washing mentors!

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