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"Created For The Industry, By Industry Professionals"

The PWOA was formed by industry professionals to help protect pressure washing contractors in America.
Help Improve The Industry

Let us know what you think the pressure washing industry needs. Your voice should be heard and the PWOA is listening.

Become a member today to voice your opinon and help pressure washers like you across America learn more about their art.

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Industry News

Learn about the latest and greatest events, recent news, and future coming events in the pressure washing industry. Join today to learn more!

Learning Center

Learn about new products, techniques, equipment, and regulations in your area. Learn to be the best from the best in the pressure washing industry.


Here we spotlight local contractors across America every month. This is great publicity for any contractor. Join today and be in the spotlight tomorrow.

Your Voice Can Be Heard

Every pressure washing contractor in America deserves his or hers voice heard. We formed Pressure Washers Of America for that exact purpose.

We believe pressure washers across the United States of America should unite together for one common purpose of keeping the world clean and keeping contractors educated and aware of everything effecting the industry.

Pressure Washers Of America

The PWOA is an organization for pressure washing contractors founded by pressure washing contractors to share industry knowledge and input on how to impove the industry and help create a cleaner America. The PWOA is a non-bias organization where everyone's voice will be heard and have an impact on the direction and growth of the PWOA. We strive to bring pressure washing contractors together to unite the industry and protect contractor's rights while keeping the earth clean and green.